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Meet the Staff

Jennifer - Staff


Jennifer is our Southern Belle RN coming from the Northern Suburbs of Atlanta, GA. With her she brings extensive knowledge in perioperative and anesthesia care, management, and general patient care.

Like our aesthetic nurse Alaina, nursing is not her only major. She also has a Degree in Accounting from the University of South Carolina, studied Spanish at Mercer University in New Jersey, and ran a successful medical transcription company for many years. This is where her love for the medical field began and she went back after many years and got her Bachelor's of science in Nursing from Columbus State University.

Jennifer works primarily with Dr. Kaur in our office and handles the USCIS patients. She also helps Dr. Sidhu on the vascular side and assists with Vein Ablation procedures, Sclerotherapy, and Office Based Lab procedures like atherectomies, balloon angioplasty, fistulograms and other vascular procedures. When she is on work release, Jennifer has an obsession for tennis, likes sports cars, loves watching college football, enjoys traveling to visit her 4 children and getting caught in the rain.

Alaina - Staff


Alaina Goodey is a confident and well-educated Aesthetic Nurse with three degrees under her belt: nursing, finance, marketing, and a minor in accounting. Her interest in aesthetic treatment came shortly after she watched her family members get skin treatments, Botox and fillers. She quickly saw how minimally invasive procedures not only enhanced her family member’s appearance, but considerably improved their confidence too. She also believes in self experience to better serve her clients. As her interest for aesthetic treatments and injectables grew, she wanted first-hand experience to better understand aesthetic treatments so she had treatments done on herself including fillers. She feels more confident about herself and she likes to discuss her personal experience to help reduce her client’s anxiety before any treatment. In the mean time she finished the Nursing Degree to pursue a career as an aesthetic nurse. At VIVAA she has access to state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best possible treatment options to her clients. She believes with the well-trained hands, excellent equipment and most importantly diligent patient education, the aesthetic treatments not only enhance one’s physical appearance, but also significantly boosts the confidence. Given a chance she will sit with her clients to better understand their needs and then come up with an individualized plan that would best serve their purpose.

In her free time, you will see her outdoors enjoying the beautiful Pacific North West along with her family.

Kerri - Staff


Kerri is a medical biller and patient care coordinator at VIVAA. She has extensive experience in medical field and several years spent in medical billing and coding. She is an avid learner and enjoys learning new billing techniques, and furthering her knowledge, of a never ending growing medical profession.

She enjoys patient interaction, and has a warm, and bubbly personality that is well known throughout all of her co-workers, and the physicians themselves. Originally from Central NY, she made the PNW her permanent home back in 2015, and has never looked back. In her spare time, outside of the office, Kerri is an avid book lover, vintage video game lover, is obsessed with iced coffee, and enjoys spending time with her friends, and family.

Brisa - Staff


Brisa works as a Medical Assistant at VIVAA. She works closely with Dr. Kaur and helps with the preparation of the charts and exam rooms for fluent functioning of the clinic. She brings in extensive experience in phlebology too and is very knowledgeable of all medical problems. She will make sure her patient's are comfortable before, during and after the visit at VIVAA.

She likes to connect with patients and provide a more personalized experience. She believes in good communication and is always there to make sure all the clinical work is done on time so that there is no delay in treatment.

In her free time she likes to spend time with family.

Holly - nurse


Holly got her bachelor of science in nursing at Denver College of Nursing. She has always had a passion for learning about skincare, how the skin functions, and overall health. She loves customizing treatments, lightening up her clients' faces as she sculpts, revitalizes, and rejuvenates their natural beauty.

Adding a personal touch to each and every treatment is an honor and a privilege. She sees every day as an opportunity to impact someone's life. It ensures her clients achieve their confidence in their very own skin.

In her free time, you can find Holly at the gym, going on long hikes with her Golden Retriever Moose, and reading up on new advancements in Aesthetics.

Nicole - Staff


Nicole was born and raised in Seattle. She has been a medical assistant for 12 years, with 11 of those years in vascular surgery. Once Nicole began her involvement with vascular surgery, she did not want to leave. She enjoys the complexity of the vascular system and the extensive knowledge it takes to work in this field. She loves to work alongside the physician to assist in providing excellent individual care for patients. She understands vascular diseases well and makes sure the patients are at ease while waiting for the physician. She takes pride in treating her patients like her extended family and making sure they get the best care.

In her personal time, you can find her cheering on her son at his basketball games. She also loves to cook and read. She is a huge Seahawks fan and started watching football with her dad when she was little.

Valentina - new patient coordinator


"Valentina is a student from Washington State University pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After completing her prerequisites at Pullman, she has decided to continue her studies at Bellevue College while she works as a Patient Care Coordinator and CNA at VIVAA.

Valentina is a dedicated and compassionate individual who is interested in the many aspects and potential career paths of the healthcare field. Currently, midwifery, pediatrics, aesthetics and dermatology are sparking her interest in the nursing field. She hopes that by working at VIVAA she can gain the knowledge and experience to continue to grow her passion for her future career as a nurse.

Before moving to the U.S in 2016, Valentina was living in Chile for almost 12 years. She travels to Chile and Uruguay every year to visit her family and friends, as well as to enjoy the warm weather and the beach. In her spare time, you can find her cooking or baking some delicious food, or taking her dog to Marymoor Park


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