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One of our most popular treatments involves collagen induction, also known as microneedling. This procedure, approved by the FDA, involves minimally piercing your skin via multiple vertical fine needles to create hundreds of tiny holes in the epidermis. As a result of this treatment, you’ll experience greater production of collagen along with skin rejuvenation.

This procedure creates “microinjuries” to trigger natural healing in your body and create the production of new collagen. Each “injury” creates a channel whereby new elastin and collagen can enter into the microscopic wound. If that sounds rather ominous, it’s not as the needles used in the procedure are between 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters thick. The effect is more like pinpricks that minimally enter the surface of your skin.

With no major side effects, microneedling produces beautiful results in a short period of time.

After the procedure, you’ll notice that your skin has a “glow,” yet additional changes will also happen over the next few weeks. Because microneedling is not particularly aggressive, you’ll need several treatments over a three- to six-month period. Acne scar patients usually will need six to eight treatments, possibly fewer if microneedling is combined with one of Vivaa’s laser treatments.


Over four to six appointments spaced about a month apart, our staff will administer your personalized microneedling treatment. Treatments are deeper with each subsequent session because your skin will be better able to tolerate the needles.

Prior to the procedure, we apply a topical anesthetic to the area to be treated, and then the aesthetician uses a derma roller equipped with tiny needles that creates microinjuries to your skin.

Throughout life, sun and other factors, such as tobacco smoke can decrease collagen production.  Our bodies also naturally produce collagen as we age, yet skin begins to deteriorate in several ways, resulting from reduction in muscle and thickness of skin, dehydration and the ability of the dermis to hold tissues together. In other words, your skin becomes disorganized, which results in large pores, thin and wrinkled skin, as well as sagging. Skin fibers deteriorate, cross-bridges break and bundles become disorganized and loose, resulting in enlarged pores and skin that is thin, wrinkled and sagging.

When we are younger, our skin can naturally combat this damage by:

  • Restoring deteriorated collagen
  • Quicker regeneration and repair of skin
  • Absorption of skin cells that cannot be repaired

Microneedling wakes up those mechanisms and gets them to work in a manner that is typical of physiologically younger and more vital skin. Tiny micro-needles used in microneedling are engineered to make precise pinprick holes that allow skin to completely heal in a matter of minutes.

After the procedure, we apply a collagen-enhancing serum to the area. You should be careful with the topical application of serums or other products you use in your skin care regimen as they will absorb better and more deeply. We believe that microneedling’s biggest advantage is the manner in which it prompts collagen and elastin production. The tiny channels created by microneedling will also products you use in your skin care regimen to absorb better and more deeply.


acne scarring treated with PRP microneedling
30 years old female with significant redness and acne scarring treated with PRP microneedling.

We believe that microneedling’s biggest advantage is the manner in which it prompts collagen and elastin growth, which is key to youthful-looking skin. Some people even say that it’s the best method to halt signs of aging as helps prevent the creation of new wrinkles and fine lines through the utilization of the body’s own resources.  

  • Reduces wrinkles and signs of aging
  • Speeds breakdown of old tissue to repair acne scar tissue
  • Flattens and smooths stretch marks to reduce their appearance
  • Repair of burn and surgical scars
  • Shrinking of large pores
  • Improves the look of brown spots and other pigment issues including rosacea
  • Can help reverse alopecia
  • Can be used on any skin type


Microneedling involves a lower risk factor than chemical peels, laser and light therapies and other popular skin treatments. The procedure, however, may cause slightly more discomfort.

As with any procedure, there are some inherent risks. You may experience bruising, bleeding, scarring and pigment problems or infection. Problems can include:

  • Swelling
  • Discomfort at the treatment site
  • Redness and bruising
  • Dryness
  • Flaky skin

Bleeding is an uncommon reaction to microneedling, though it may be more likely to occur after a deeper treatment.

Bleeding may also be more of a risk for people who have bleeding disorders or who are taking blood-thinning medications. It is important to disclose this information to a doctor before receiving this treatment.

There is also a risk of more serious side effects, including:

  • infection
  • skin pigment changes
  • reaction to topical medications used during treatment


Microneedling is contraindicated if you have:

  • Sclerodoma
  • Vascular disease
  • Cardiac problems
  • Blood clotting problems
  • Rosacea
  • Active bacterial or fungal infections
  • Keloid scarring
  • Those with scars less than six months old
  • An unstable skin type

Most individuals are great candidates for this procedure. If you have any worries contact Dr. Sidhu for specific questions on your microneedling concerns.

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"Fantastic experience I had a wonderful experience at the Issaquah medical facililty; the staff were so Friendly, Knowledgeable and PROFESSIONAL!! The office is beautiful and I felt WELL taken care of. I have had IPL treatments in the past but this was EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you to Justine and Jordan; you were PHENOMENAL!! I will be telling my friends and family and SOCIAL MEDIA!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"



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