How Vascular Ultrasound Works

31 May 2018

Vascular ultrasound uses sound waves to evaluate the body’s circulatory system and help identify blockages in the arteries and veins. It can also detect blood clots. Doppler ultrasound may also be used in a clinic to evaluate blood flow through blood vessels. Ultrasound does not use and harmful radiation and has no known harmful side-effects. …

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Five Reasons Why CoolSculpting is Right For You

30 May 2018

You want to look and feel your best, so you eat a good diet, exercise several times a week, yet you find that you are unable to slim down in certain areas. Excess body fat is frustrating, yet you don’t have the time to spend recovering from liposuction and/or the thought of undergoing an invasive …

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How Effective Are CoolSculpting Procedures?

13 March 2018

What do popsicles, dimples and stubborn fat have in common? They’re all related to CoolSculpting, the alternative to liposuction for managing and eliminating stubborn body fat.   WHAT IS COOLSCULPTING? Developed by Harvard University scientists, CoolSculpting treatment uses temperature instead of suction to help you manage stubborn fat. The connection between temperature and fat loss …

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What Is CoolSculpting?

27 February 2018

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure for eliminating fat cells to contour areas of the body. There are no needles used in the procedure, and no surgery. CoolSculpting is safe and effective, and the device used was FDA cleared in June 2012. Men and women alike, are using this relatively new system to achieve the body …

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