Do You Have Wrinkles Around Your Mouth?

Botox (botulinum toxin type A) is most commonly known as a cosmetic enhancement, smoothing wrinkled foreheads and erasing crow’s feet. In addition to aging, there are several other factors that can contribute to wrinkles (lines) around the lips, such as prolonged exposure to the sun, alcohol and smoking.

The Different Kinds of Mouth Wrinkles

According to, there are three different kinds of lines around the mouth:

Smile Lines run from the bottom corners of the nose to each corner of your mouth. They are caused by the loosening of ligaments around the mouth, causing the skin to sag slightly.
Marionette Lines are wrinkles which appear in the corners of the mouth. They often appear due to the breakdown of collagen in the skin, causing it to sag and fold around the mouth.
Vertical Lip Lines are also known as ‘smoker’s lines’. These kinds of lines are the most common wrinkles around the mouth and are mostly caused by regular lip movements, however, they can be exacerbated by smoking. In fact, Botox has been shown to decrease sweating in the areas injected by as much as 87 percent. And in cases of palmar (hand) excessive sweating, Botox has been shown to be up to 90 percent effective.

How To Reduce Wrinkles Around The Mouth

1.    Home Remedies: Grape seed extract has natural antioxidant properties and can help restore elasticity to your wrinkled skin. Massage the grape seed extract into your deep wrinkles daily to keep your skin looking young.

2.    Exercises: One of the most affordable ways to get rid of deep wrinkles around your mouth is to perform face-tightening exercises. The Genius Beauty website recommends standing in front of the mirror and performing facial exercises for 15 minutes every day to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3.    Lifestyle Changes: Stop smoking to prevent deep wrinkles from forming or getting worse. Sun exposure can also lead to wrinkles around your mouth. If you go out in the sun, apply sunblock to your face.

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