Don’t Ignore Your Vascular Problems

on't ignore vascular problemsVascular problems are common and can affect the lifestyle specially for active people in pacific north west.

Broadly the vascular problems are divided into:

  • Arterial problems
  • Venous problems

Arterial problems: Seen more common in people who smoke and have high blood pressure or diabetes. For long time these problems can go un-diagnosed but the common symptoms are pain in legs on walking or exercising that forces the person to slow down and it happens every time someone tries to walk the same distance. If one has a carotid artery disease then they can experience sudden loss of vision in one eye for short period or other mini stroke symptoms.

It’s important to discuss these symptoms with the vascular specialist so appropriate ultrasound can be performed to diagnose the problem and then treatment started. Early in the disease process the treatment is lifestyle modification and medications. If the symptoms are severe endovascular procedure can be performed. Left untreated one can get a debilitating stroke or loose a limb.

Venous problems: Venous problems could be involving deep veins or superficial veins.

Deep vein problems include deep venous thrombus (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). These problems can happen when one is not active or after a major surgery, long car ride or long flight. Usually they will present with leg pain and swelling or chest pain and shortness of breath. Deep venous thrombus (DVT) can be diagnosed with a quick ultrasound and treated with blood thinners.

Superficial venous problems are all clubbed into venous insufficiency. If the leg veins are a problem, they are called varicose veins and smaller ones are called spider veins. Left untreated the varicose veins can progress to skin issues with darkening and thickening of skin and eventually superficial wounds (Ulcers) that are hard to heal. Most of the time the varicose veins present as leg heaviness, tiredness and discomfort worse at the end of the day. There will be swelling in legs at the end of the day. These symptoms can affect the daily living and slow down the outdoor activities. Usually wearing compression socks will eliminate the symptoms and control the disease process but these veins can also be treated in the office setting. If there is reflux in the big vein, it can be treated with Venefit procedure. For varicose veins sclerotherapy can be performed. For very small spider veins surface lasers work great.

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: If there is issue with the pelvic/gonadal veins, one can get varicose veins in the pelvis. This condition results in chronic lower abdominal pain that is worse at the end of the day. Simple ultrasound can diagnose the problem and can be fixed by endovascular techniques that are minimally invasive.

Facial veins: These veins appear with aging and can be treated with surface laser or sclerotherapy.

VIVAA can help with all your vascular problems:

Issaquah and Bellevue residents can now discuss all their vascular problems with double board-certified vascular surgeon at VIVAA.  A comprehensive evaluation will be performed and then vascular ultrasound preformed depending on the type of problem. Based on the symptoms and ultrasound findings following treatments can be performed:

  • Endovascular treatment for arterial blockage: small opening in groin to do the procedure with no down time.
  • Endovascular repair of aneurysm: small opening in bilateral groins to fix the life-threatening aneurysm.
  • Surface laser treatment for very small spider veins: no down time and quick office treatment.
  • Sclerotherapy: injection of sclerosing agent into the ugly veins
  • Venefit procedure for great saphenous vein or small saphenous vein: closure of the vein with radio frequency-based energy source
  • Coil embolization for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: small opening in neck to deliver coils to the diseased veins in pelvis.


Don’t suffer another day with ugly veins and/or pain. VIVAA is here to help. Contact us at 425-250-9999 to schedule a consultation and to find out more about our cutting-edge vascular treatments.

Dr. Sidhu
Dr. Ramandeep Sidhu

Author - Dr. Ramandeep Sidhu

SPECIALTIES: Percutaneous aneurysm repair, endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial disease, treatment for varicose veins, open vascular surgical procedures, deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism treatment and aesthetic services.