Botox Eyebrow Lift: Is Botox Better Than Surgery?

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Even the best make-up hacks can no longer do anything when eyebrows are affected by the natural aging process. In addition, drooping eyebrows can cause drooping eyelids while pressing on the upper eyelid and even generate the appearance of more wrinkles on the forehead. 

Dropped brows arise because the muscle that lifts them constantly has to work against gravity and the skin near or around the eyebrows loses elasticity — but this is not irremediable.

With an eyebrow lift, eyebrows can be brought to their natural and youthful shape. The procedure is fundamentally possible either with or without surgery.

The eyebrow lift with surgery explained

Aesthetic surgery today has several options for tightening eyebrows, eyelids, and forehead. The technique used depends on the actual eyebrow condition and the desired result. 

Here are some of the most used methods today:

  • Traditional eyebrow lift

If only a brow lift is desired without an additional lift of the forehead, there are various implementation methods. One option is to make an incision at the top of the eyebrow, remove a narrow strip of skin, and sew the skin back on.

In this way, the brow will raise, and the view will open. The procedure is particularly suitable for people with thick, bushy eyebrows, which can cover up scars later.

For people with finer eyebrows, it is advisable to make the skin incision required for lifting at the hairline on the scalp. The rather laterally placed short cut makes it possible to lift the brows from above. Again, excess skin is removed, and the skin is pulled back. The temples are automatically tightened slightly.

  • Eyebrow lift with an additional forehead lift

Another way to lift eyebrows is to combine a brow lift and a forehead lift. This is usually done endoscopically, meaning that only minimal incisions are necessary to perform the operation.

With this type of eyebrow-raising, the cuts are also placed in the hairline of the scalp hair. The facial skin is detached from the forehead, pulled back as a whole, and fixed. Excess skin is removed, making the forehead firmer and smoother. This method is often requested by patients because it has a clear rejuvenating effect.

  • Thread lifting

A recent method of wrinkle treatment in plastic and aesthetic surgery is thread lifting, and it can also be used for an eyebrow lift.

Fine, barbed threads are inserted through the smallest cuts in the upper area of ​​the eyebrows. They pull the skin up and hold it tight, lifting and setting the browbones without removing any excess skin. 

The threads dissolve by themselves over time, but newly formed connective tissue ensures that the eyebrow lift is permanent.

Botox brow lift technique explained 

A sphincter muscle (Musculus Orbicularis Oculi) lies superficially under the skin above the outer boundary of the eye socket, enabling the eye to squint. 

Its function will cause your eyebrows to sag over time. In the event of overactivity, crow's foot-like wrinkles can also form in front of the temple area (crow's feet). 

By weakening the Orbicularis muscle with botox, the ring-shaped fibers are less able to contract, which leads to relaxation. The eyes are squinted accordingly less, and the eyebrows are lifter - this is the brow lift with botox procedure

In addition, the pull of the forehead muscle, which basically pulls the brow upwards, can be directed to the outer sides of the eyebrows through a central weakening.

The brow lift counteracts the age-related sagging of the eyebrows by raising the eyebrows. It corrects wrinkles and drooping eyebrows, resulting in a vital and fresh look. 

Raising the eyebrows and opening the eye area often results in a dramatic rejuvenation and thus an improvement in attractiveness and radiance. The eyebrows can be raised by 1-3 millimeters, and the effect is discreet, but it enlarges your eyes and makes your face appear more alert.

Which one is better? 

An eyebrow lift surgery is generally a rather complicated and comprehensive procedure that usually requires several steps and involves cuts and sutures and, of course, anesthesia

People often prefer surgery instead of non-invasive methods because these are also characterized by the fact that additional (partial) areas of the face can also be treated if necessary in order to improve the overall appearance. 

However, depending on the type of operation, the patient will have to take some resting time, wait for the scars to heal, and won't be able to socialize immediately.

If you want a much simpler method, the biochemical treatment with Botox is a suitable alternative. The botox eyebrow lift is especially worthwhile if you want a quick and easy lifting procedure. 

Bruises, swellings, and pain only appear in rare cases. As a result of botox, the view becomes friendlier, more open - and youthfulness and freshness return.

The main downside would be that, while the results of an operative eyebrow lift can usually be seen for several years, hyaluronic acid or botox injections have to be carried out about once or twice a year. Because the substances usually break down in the body after a few months and then have to be refreshed again.

However, anyone who would like to have an eyebrow lift carried out without 'going under the knife' should shape their drooping brows with botox injections. Overall, the botox eyebrow lift offers the great advantage of a less time-consuming procedure and, as it does not require an anesthetic, it is also safer. 


Does the eyebrow lift with botox have any side effects?

In the case of a brow lift with botox, side effects are rather theoretical, as they may occur in the event of overdosing and incorrect localization of the botox injection. The forehead and eyebrow area can then feel a bit numb and swell for a while; redness or spots are also classic after-effects. 

After two days, however, the swelling and irritation should slowly subside. 

Who is suitable for a botox eyebrow lift? 

This procedure is suitable for almost everyone who wants to have their eyebrows lifted sideways. Such a technique is always recommended when the eyebrows have a tendency to sag to the side. 

Thus, the treatment also counteracts the development of drooping eyelids. It is also ideal for those who reject surgical interventions with their specific risks and irreversible results. 

What should I watch out for after the botox eyebrow lift? 

For the first 24 hours after the treatment, you should refrain from sport, sauna, and alcohol. The first onset of action is noticeable after 2-3 days. The full effect is fully pronounced after 14 days and lasts for 4-6 months. 


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