How Effective Are CoolSculpting Procedures?

What do popsicles, dimples and stubborn fat have in common? They’re all related to CoolSculpting, the alternative to liposuction for managing and eliminating stubborn body fat.



Developed by Harvard University scientists, CoolSculpting treatment uses temperature instead of suction to help you manage stubborn fat. The connection between temperature and fat loss was discovered whenever scientists observed that children who would eat popsicles would also get dimples—and the conclusion was made that these popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells in the children’s faces.

CoolSculpting takes this idea and targets different areas of the body to help eliminate specific fat cells, while not causing any tissue damage to the surrounding cells. Extra fat is frozen through precise, controlled application. Once the targeted cells are frozen, they crystalize and then die off. Your body eliminates these now-dead cells, naturally flushing extra fat from the targeted areas and leaving behind a more sculpted appearance.


Nothing gets done before a professional consultation. You’ll want to meet with a certified technician to discuss your body sculpting goals, concerns and options in detail before scheduling a procedure. In meeting with VIVAA’s medical professional about CoolSculpting and other options, they will discuss with you a wholistic approach to reaching your physical and fitness goals and how this procedure can enhance your progress. You’ll then discuss the specific problem areas you want to prioritize in targeting your fat. A consultation is by no means an agreement to receive treatment, either! It’s simply an opportunity for you to learn more about how to reach your aesthetic and health goals.


CoolSculpting is not a surgery. You won’t be put under anesthetic, prodded with any needles, or be required to take any kind of painkiller to make it through the procedure. A gel pad applicator is applied to the area (or areas) that you are targeting and left for a set period of time to do its work. You’ll be fully at ease to take a nap, read a book or read something on your phone during the duration of the procedure. If this sounds pretty low-key and “chill”—that’s because it is! This isn’t your typical needles or prodding kind of aesthetic treatment. It’s no wonder that so many people prefer it. Basically, type 1s, or any other flavor of PWDs, don’t seem to be barred from Coolsculpting, which is an FDA cleared procedure.



Treatment doesn’t have to disrupt your workweek; you have too much to do as it is! There is little to no downtime needed between treatment and getting back to your daily routine. The short treatment times mean that you can squeeze them into your days whenever works best for your routine.


It depends on the individual, but it’s important to note that CoolSculpting is meant to be used as a progressive treatment in tandem with other weight loss practices, such as exercising and practicing a healthy diet. You may see results as early as three weeks after your first treatment, or it may take one-to-three months for results to manifest. Body type and a range of other factors play into how soon the results will show and it’s important to recognize that CoolSculpting works best as a series of treatments instead of as a singular treatment.

If you’d like to learn more about how to incorporate CoolSculpting into your dieting and body sculpting routine, then contact the VIVAA team today to learn more about how our certified medical professionals can help!


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