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Just wanted to say that Dr. Sidhu and his staff are wonderful! I had to have surgeries on my femoral arteries in both legs. Dr. Sidhu showed such confidence in his procedures that he did that I didn't have any doubt that it was all going to work and be just fine. Also, I just love Nicole! I will and have recommended them.

AlbertMarilee Young (Facebook)

I highly recommend this practice for cosmetic procedures. I have seen Suzanne for IPLs for two years or so. I have been to many practices for this kind of treatment for 15 years and I find Suzanne to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and warm. The wait is never long and scheduling is a breeze.

M. A. (Facebook)

I would like to thank Dr. Sidhu, Nicole, and the staff at VIVAA. I have recently had some procedures done to fix some problems with some valves in my veins . The staff has been so welcoming and informative every step of the way. I feel they went the extra mile to ensure excellent end results. I would give my highest recommendation to Dr. Sidhu.

Lee Kirschner (Facebook)

Dr. Sidhu is amazing and after going to a few other places for botox simply because of location, I came back to the BEST!

Sarah Jean Groenink (Facebook)

I had treatment around the eyes today with Suzanne and it already looks amazing! I highly recommend this treatment. They also have an awesome staff!

Deborah Kuno (Facebook)

Thank you for Exceptional Service! I am so impressed with this medical staff and the Professional ism I experienced in getting my IPL! The staff was knowledgeable friendly and took excellent care of me! I am telling you all this because I have been to other places to get IPLs and this was by far the BEST!! Thank you to Justine and Jordan; great customer service!! And VERY VERY REASONABLE PRICE WITH FANTASTIC RESULTS!!!

Gracie Mittag (Facebook)

Great experience nice to meet to meet a doctor who was polite and friendly but also upfront about what to expect.

Ryan Penfield (Facebook)

Purchased groupon laser removal treatment. I have been doing laser for years and had treatments in many clinics on the Eastside, but never had as great service as I had at Vivaa. Suzanne is highly professional, very friendly and instantly likable. She asked me all the right questions and treatment was thorough and fast. I met Dr.Sidhu after my treatment who was very nice and asked me about my experience at his office. I felt very welcomed at Vivaa, the office is new, spotless and beautifully decorated, not to mention the perfect location. I am purchasing one more treatment area and already recommended Vivaa to my friend who purchased two treatment areas as well. Thank you Suzanne for your professionalism!

Anya Vlad (Facebook)

Doctor is incredible for services tried so far. Can't wait to see him again!

Daisy Valerie Williams (Facebook)

Absolutely love Suzanne! She makes you feel comfortable during any treatment!

Delanah Fergus Reudink (Facebook)

Today was my first of 6 laser hair removal treatments. Suzanne was fabulous and made me feel totally comfortable during the treatment. The staff was also friendly and very helpful! If anyone is looking for hair removal, this is the place to be!

Rachel Lane (Facebook)

Beautiful office. Staff is very friendly. Dr. Sidhu is Amazing! Always great results.

April Keogh (Facebook)

I've been to this Spa twice now and have had amazing experiences Dr is very knowledgeable and personable. I will be going back. Not to mention the staff they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G too.

Carmen Costello (Facebook)

The dr and staff were great! Pleasurable experience!

Mark Beauprey (Facebook)

Amazing experience from start to finish! Highly recommended!

Chadwick Thompson (Facebook)

I had vascular surgery from the most handsome doctor who did a fabulous job. Also I did cool sculpting for 2 areas of my body.and will see Suzanne ft skin treated soon.

Barb Shaw (Facebook)

I started Ideal Protein Program at VIVAA with Melinda Potensky in October 2017. I couldn't be happier with my results!! My ultimate goal was to get on a healthy eating regimen as I have always consumed way too much sugar in my diet. I was not overweight... just wanted to be healthier, have lots of energy, and eat more protein/veggies, and have better gut health! I ended up losing 10 pounds and 15 inches by eating lean proteins, veggies, and IP meals/replacement shakes. I didn't even have to give up my coffee! Love the vanilla rice crispy squares, vanilla shakes, and peanut butter bars the best! Melinda has been wonderful helping/counseling me through this process. She is so encouraging, positive, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I am so impressed with Melinda, the beautiful office and everyone I have met at VIVAA. Thank you VIVAA!!

Kerrin T. (Yelp)

I recently had my first laser treatment at VIVAA after purchasing a Groupon. Suzanne was absolutely amazing and the facility is very clean and professional. She made me feel so comfortable and I'm already seeing results after the first treatment. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I highly recommend VIVAA!

Christine H. (Yelp)

This is a great place to get Botox. The staff are very friendly and the doctor is very professional! Great results and great prices!

Stephanie M. (Yelp)

I highly recommend this practice for cosmetic procedures. I have seen Suzanne for IPLs for two years or so. I have been to many practices for this kind of treatment for 15 years and I find Suzanne to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and warm. The wait is never long and scheduling is a breeze.

Marla A. (Yelp)

Dr Sidhu's professional demeanor, depth of knowledge, top notch injection skill, and conservative approach produces the natural beautiful results dreams are made of.

Kat K. (Yelp)

I have gone to Vivaa for IPL with Suzanne and Botox with Dr Sidhu. They both make you feel very comfortable and make sure you are ok during procedures. The staff is very friendly & helpful too.

Julie M. (Yelp)

Love Dr. Sidhu. I have been receiving Botox treatment for about a year. He is very conservative. I don't look fake!

Mykie E. (Yelp)

One of my favorite aesthetic clinics! I have been interested in fillers for the chin/jawline area for about two years now. I went into the appointment having completed research on which type and amount of fillers needed for this specific area. He was extremely educated on the product, suggesting we start slow and add more as needed for the most natural look. I'm so impressed with my results and never thought I would be able to get this much satisfaction. The nurses and front desk staff were all very friendly, along with a comfortable and clean clinic environment. I would highly recommend seeing Dr.Sidhu for any service you are interested in!

Brittney B. (Yelp)

Dr. Sidhu is absolutely fabulous for all your aesthetic needs. And as not only a real doctor, but one that is trained and familiar with working with tiny veins and such - he's awesome with any kind of injections you might want/need. The best part is he is honest with you about what you need, what will help and what won't. I just got more honesty in 15 minutes with him than 2 years seeing various other people. And he's super friendly. Give him a try, you'll be happy you did!

Daisy W. (Yelp)

Very impressive! The Doctor is extremely professional, knowledgeable and does great work. He even encouraged me to not get additional botox b/c it wouldn't look natural. I really appreciated his professional opinion and honesty.

Celeste M. (Yelp)

This is the best Dr around for Botox hands down. He doesn't over inject and waste product/money or leave you looking crazy. He's all about getting great long lasting results by placing Botox strategically. Love that. And don't waste your time shopping for groupon specials as their botox price is super low already and stable; no coupon or special needed!!! Love that too. I also just got an IPL facial; only have done that once here so I'll report back my results later but I can say that Suzanne is extremely thorough and pays extra attention to trouble spots "that just need to go away!". Love that also.

Karissa B. (Yelp)

I've come in twice for botox. After experiences at other places, I will keep coming back. Very professional, explains why, follow through is fantastic. I've recommended friends, they have been equally pleased.

Gina B. (Yelp)

Couldn't say enough good things about this clinic! Clinic is cozy and clean. Doctor and staffs are all very nice and genuine, they really strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Very punctual and sufficient, they don't keep you waiting like some other clinics if you have an appointment booked. I came in for a Botox treatment for frown lines and was walking out the door 20 minutes later! Today I'm 6 days post treatment and the results are fabulous, no more frowning dents on the forehead hurray! Highly recommended!

Christine P. (Yelp)

I have been here two times. 5 star experience both times. Their staff is extremely pleasant and will get you in for an appointment ASAP. They are easy to find and the office is clean and pretty. Both the doc and support staff seem very knowledgeable. Try it out!

Sarah D. (Yelp)

I can honestly say that Dr. Sidhu is a top notch Doctor! He's so kind, personable, and knowledgeable on every subject. I would recommend anybody go to him for medical or cosmetic needs. Anything that I need outside of plastic surgery he does for me. I've now received 5 different areas of CoolSculpting done by his amazing and skilled esthetician Suzanne. It was pain free, relaxing, and SO effective. I got my inner thighs done and then two weeks later went back for my lower stomach. The results were so great that I went back 6 weeks later to get the upper part of my stomach done as well. I even fell asleep a couple of times during the procedures. It only takes one hour to do an area and it just feels like you have an ice pack on for the first couple of minutes. I'm by no means a big person and I wouldn't recommend this for weight loss, but if you're wanting to tone up the stubborn areas that you were never able to get rid of then I would definitely suggest this treatment! I'm about 5'3, 130 lbs. The area is numb for a few weeks after which is completely normal, but the feeling comes back and the fat starts to go away. There is very minimal swelling and no bruising at all. I can't thank VIVAA enough for taking such great care of me and making me feel comfortable at all times. Every single person on their staff goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They're so accommodating and made sure that I was happy no matter what. I cant wait to go back in 6-8 weeks to take my before and after pictures for their website!

Carol P. (Yelp)

This is my second time coming here. And I'm sure I'll be coming here 300 more times. I've referred people, I'm sending my mom... I can't say enough about the Dr, the staff, the parking, the location... everything about this office is lovely. We laugh, we have serious talk, we just enjoy each other. (I nearly forgot I was being stabbed in the forehead with a needle 38 times... NEARLY...haha...) It's like we're all family as soon as I walk through the door. And I can't wait until I come back the next time. (I'm almost trying to make my botox go away quicker so I can get treated sooner!) But all kidding aside, this is the kind of place you want to be when you're being treated for anything. I've only had botox, but if I were to have anything else and this practice offered it, I promise you I'd do it here. You won't be disappointed when you walk in and are greeting immediately with smiles and hugs by the amazing people. The people alone are what will keep me, and everyone else coming back. You almost just want to stick around and just hang out. More importantly, on a professional level, they always take care of the patient. Sterile environment, care for the patient first, forms are handled properly and you can always be sure there is never a question you are in a safe and protected environment. Always. Thank you, Dr and staff, for such a wonderful experience, once again! See you in a few months!!

Felicia B.(Yelp)

I've been called gorilla, Sasquatch and cactus for how thick and dark and scratchy the hair on my legs is. I was self conscious about people touching my legs and how people would say I would have a five o'clock shadow on my calves. After getting a little older I realized I'm just hairy, that's just me, but I realized it also wasn't comfortable. I would get red marks and stinging feelings just from rubbing my legs together and it made me feel gross. Now I am 5 out of the 6 treatments in for my lower legs and the work Suzanne has done is amazing! The procedure is about 20 minutes and every 6 to 8 weeks. Even though there is still hair, there is less of it and it grows thinner and not as dark. It's soft and it doesn't hurt me every time I rub my legs together! The black dots are lighter and instead of getting spikes an hour after shaving, it's barely spikey and not annoying to touch! It's not scratchy and I can go a week without shaving my lower legs and even that isn't really needed! Can't tan the area where the procedure is done for now but it is well worth it! Suzanne does amazing work! Will be getting more areas done!

Tess D. (yelp)

I've had two sessions of the resurfacing and going back for my third. Staff & physicians are extremely friendly, helpful, and answer all questions thoroughly. They check in with you many times during all procedures, making sure you are doing ok and/or need a break.

Dawn C. (Yelp)

My 19 year old son was bothered by a few veins just outside of his nostrils. When I called for information as to what procedure if any could be performed to rid him of the veins I was immediately transferred to Suzanne. She was very informative and HONEST. We made the appointment and a week later came in for our consultation. Once again Suzanne was not only honest, she was optimistic and empathic. We chose to do the procedure and immediately the veins disappeared. What really impressed me was that Suzanne was more excited about the outcome than we were. She truly cares about her patients and it shows. I definitely recommend this business. Easy to find, office staff nice. Most importantly, my son couldn't be happier with the results. We wont forget this business or Suzanne.

Shannon O. (Yelp)

I had my second laser treatment today with Suzanne. She is AMAZING! The results so far are fabulous and I can't wait to see when they're done! Suzanne does a great job at making you feel really comfortable and at ease during the treatment. I cannot rave enough about her and the office staff. I look forward to checking out other services in the future!

Rachel L. (yelp)

Just got done with my very first laser hair removal, and it was amazing! The staff is incredibly attentive, courteous and friendly. The treatment itself was painless and fast...which was a much appreciated bonus. I can't wait to finish the rest of my six treatments, and I'm also making plans for laser hair removal on additional areas AND spider vein removal. LOVE this place!

Cristen H.(yelp)

Truly Superior Care !! - Dr. Sidhu, Nicole and Suzanne are professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, make the entire process warm and comforting. After many years of chronic aching and painful legs, I sought a remedy, and found a perfect solution at VIVAA. The procedures (several) for my Varicose Veins were reviewed thoroughly, completed with careful execution and the utmost consideration for my comfort and well being. Dr. Sidhu is not only an excellent craftsman and skillful surgeon, he also has exceptional people skills. Eager to make you feel warm, welcome and informed. The staff is never rushed and the care is highly personalized. VIVVA will be my forever home for Vascular care.

Eric C.(yelp)

I love this place! Go see Suzanne for cool sculpting and laser treatments. Suzanne always takes the time to answer my questions, and she let's me know what to expect with my treatment. The office is very clean, with top of the line equipment and products.

Christine H.(yelp)

I received laser hair removal, it was fast & painless. Suzanne was just great!!! I also appreciated the customer service - everyone is so nice!

Joan C.(yelp)

This place is amazing! The Doctor, Nicole and Suzanne are professional, knowledgeable and super friendly. They offer some services that you may not know a lot about. Ask questions!! I must have asked a million and they answered all of them without batting an eye and with a smile. They want you to be educated and understand the procedure. The office feels like home and is very comfortable. So far I have done cool sculpting and plan on doing laser hair removal and some skin resurfacing. I live in Shoreline and may be able to find somewhere closer that provides some of the same services. I won't even look, I've found my home!

Molly A.(yelp)

Dr. Sidu is awesome! Dr. Sidu is a wonderful doctor! He and his staff were so warm and friendly that I actually looked forward to my visits there. I recently had Endovenous Laser Therapy and sclerotherapy for varicose veins. I could tell that Dr. Sidu was extremely knowledgeable and is a skilled surgeon. My treatments and recovery were easy and almost painless and I highly recommend him. My daughter also had...

porche22 (realself)

Continuous success I find myself going back to this office on what I can now call "regular basis" as I consistently received the highest level of service at a very reasonable price. I find my Botox treatments to be a complete success. Plus, I got some excellent recommendations and expert guidance. I also felt very comfortable around all staff members I met - this is very important to me. Overall, I am certain...

JessNow (realself)

Top notch doctor, top notch practice! - Issaquah, WA I can honestly say that Dr. Sidhu is a top notch Doctor! He's so kind, personable, and knowledgeable on every subject. I would recommend anybody go to him for medical or cosmetic needs. Anything that I need outside of plastic surgery he does for me. I've now received 5 different areas of CoolSculpting done by his amazing and skilled esthetician Suzanne. It was pain free, relaxing, and SO...

loveyourself_123 (realself)

Suzanne is top notch I wish I would have started lasering long ago. Suzanne is amazing. She is quick, discreet and respectful. So good at what she does. The results are exciting from the very beginning. No more waxing, yah! The office is clean, professional and calming. I can’t recommend Vivaa enough!

THanney (realself)

Fantastic experience I had a wonderful experience at the Issaquah medical facililty; the staff were so Friendly, Knowledgeable and PROFESSIONAL!! The office is beautiful and I felt WELL taken care of. I have had IPL treatments in the past but this was EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you to Justine and Jordan; you were PHENOMENAL!! I will be telling my friends and family and SOCIAL MEDIA!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

lemslick (realself)

Amazing place! Wonderful staff! Dr Sidhu and his staff are amazing and I would highly recommend this place. I had filler and botox here and have always left satisfied. I have never had a bruise! He is a master at filler and botox. He never rushes you and listens to the results you are after. Suzanne is amazing for an IPL too!

sherryjohnson (realself)

I always get great results! My experience is always A+ with Dr. Sidhu and his staff. My services include: Botox, filler, weightloss program and sclerotherapy. Dr. Sidhu is meticulous, kind and genuinely cares about his patients.

Jennifer Baroumes (realself)

I was so lucky for being on your hands I had the best treatment in this clinic specially for the staff of vascular area I'm so thankful with Dr Sidhu because he showed highest professionalism taking care of all around my needs and much more. I consider that I couldn't be on better hands.

misvenas (realself)

I had an amazing experience!!! Amazing! The office is clean, welcoming and comfortable. The staff is very friendly. Dr. Sidhu was very patient with me answering all my questions and concerns. He immediately put me at ease. I am so happy with the results of all my treatments. I always look forward to my appointments there. Highly recommend!

yoginilarissa (realself)

I had a great experience! Dr. Sidhu is the best and highly recommend him and VIVAA! I have had botox done with him a few times and it's been fantastic! After seeing him twice, I went to two other places for botox simply because of the location (I live in Kirkland)...I won't ever go anywhere else...he's the best and now I'm BACK!

sjgroenink (realself)

Most wonderful Dr and staff EVER! They make you feel so much more than just a dollar sign! You will never feel disappointed in their care!

deborah jackson (Google)

I highly recommend this practice for cosmetic procedures. I have seen Suzanne for IPLs for two years or so. I have been to many practices for this kind of treatment for 15 years and I find Suzanne to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and warm. The wait is never long and scheduling is a breeze.

Marla A (Google)

Dr. Sidhu and his staff are friendly and caring. They went the "extra mile" to get my procedure approved by my insurance provider. I am pleased with the results and have recommended their office to several of my friends.

Mike Gerber (Google)

I had a series of large varicose veins treated by Dr. Sidhu and his staff. I was treated with the utmost care and given excellent explanations of the various procedures well in advance. I was also given an explanation of the insurance procedures, and their impact. Pre and post procedure instructions were very well explained and also presented to me in writing. All staff were always professional and personable on top of performing their work flawlessly and painlessly. They went truly above and beyond. Dr. Sidhu is also a top not notch diagnostician in addition to his surgical skills, which is quite rare. I am very picky about medical practitioners and their staff. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and offer my highest praise to the entire VIVAA team!

Nic B (Google)

I always receive the best botox results from Dr. Sidhu, so happy I found him, I won't go anywhere else!

Dionne Irvin (Google)

Have had nothing buy good experiences here with the doctor and entire staff. No matter what you need to have done, he's your man. Very knowledgeable and sensitive to your individual needs and sensitive to your skin. And HONEST about what will help you and what wont. A++++++

Daisy Williams (Google)

I've been getting laser hair removal treatments with Vivaa for over a year now and I couldn't be more pleased with the results, the friendly service, and the reasonable prices. A solid 5 stars for sure! 🙂

Breanna (Google)

Dr Sidhu is a magician! I had some facial blue veins that were obliterated by him. He is a very caring, kind doctor that has the patients well being first and foremost in his treatment. His office staff has the same caring attitude, concerned with patients comfort. Would give 10 stars if possible!

Sherri Andres (Google)

Dr. Sidhu is the best and highly recommend him and VIVAA!

Sarah Jean Groenink (Google)

I love everything about this office: the services I receive are at the highest level of quality, the staff is kind and helpful above what one would normally expect. Additionally, I specifically need to feel sort of "at home" and "among friends", and I get that feeling when I am there. Ten stars! Downside: the place is already discovered and it is harder to get an appointment on a short notice. Plan ahead!

Jesenka Berberovich (Google)

Beautiful building. Easy parking. Friendly and great results. Bravo

Melinda Potensky (Google)

Dr. Sidhu is awesome! He is kind and personable in addition to being a highly skilled surgeon. He performed Endovenous Laser Therapy and Sclerotherapy on my legs and I am thrilled with the results. I no longer feel pain or heaviness in my legs and the procedures and recovery were almost painless. Dr. Sidhu also provides Botox, fillers, and laser hair removal, and I was extremely happy with these results as well. Suzanne and Nicole are so friendly and caring and I actually look forward to my visits to the Vivaa Clinic. Go see Dr. Sidhu! You will be happy you did!

Heidi Voelker (Google)

I could love this place more! All of the procedures I have had were quick and painless. I highly recommend anyone thinking about getting Botox or laser hair removal to go here!

Julia Miller (Google)

The first part of my varicose vein treatment is completed and my legs are no longer throbbing and swollen. I am excited to complete the aesthetic part of my treatment. My experience with Dr. Sidhu and his amazing staff has been very positive.

Kim Ramirez (Google)

Love this place! Suzanne is wonderful. They even gave me iced orange juice when I felt a little woozy after some injections. Very caring and knowledgeable staff!

Rachel Simons (Google)

I first came to VIVAA with a Groupon for Botox, and the friendliness of the staff and the competency of Dr. Sidhu has me coming back. I appreciate Dr. Sidhu's professional recommendations and feel confident returning for future treatments.

Laura Ball (Google)

I'm truly crazy about VIVAA! Dr Sidhu is so professional and very easy to be around. The staff is so genuine and kind. I've had several procedures done by Suzanne and honestly it's like spending time with my girlfriend! Seriously, if you're looking for a one stop shop with amazing customer service.. Look no further!

Alka Sangar (Google)

I have been here two times. 5 star experience both times. Their staff is extremely pleasant and will get you in for an appointment ASAP. They are easy to find and the office is clean and pretty. Both the doc and support staff seem very knowledgeable. Try it out!

Sarah Hiemstra (Google)

Wonderful experience with outstanding results. Friendly staff. I highly recommend it to people who need the treatment I got plus more. Thankful I found them through recommendations of other people who got excellent service like me.

Yohannes Wube (Google)

My experience at Vivaa was great! The office is extremely clean and the waiting room comfortable and welcoming. The staff is friendly and professional. Suzanne is knowledgeable and really cares about each patient and their outcome.

Gary D'Ettorre (Google)

Dr. Sidhu is a top notch Doctor! He's such a nice and well rounded person. He's very knowledgeable on anything that you ask him. I would recommend anybody go to him for medical or cosmetic needs. They do a lot of non invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Fillers, Laser treatments, and fat removal. I've now received 5 different areas of CoolSculpting done by his amazing and skilled esthetician Suzanne. It was pain free, relaxing, and SO effective. I got my inner thighs done and then two weeks later went back for my lower stomach. The results were so great that I went back 6 weeks later to get the upper part of my stomach done as well. That has now reached it's final results as well and I couldn't be more obsessed with it! I even fell asleep a couple of times during the procedures. It only takes one hour to do an area and it just feels like you have an ice pack on for the first couple of minutes. It takes a few weeks to start seeing results but there was no bruising at all and very little swelling. I'm by no means a big person and I wouldn't recommend this for weight loss, but if you're wanting to tone up the stubborn areas that you were never able to get rid of then I would definitely suggest this treatment! I'm about 5'3, 130 lbs. The area is numb for a few weeks after which is completely normal, but the feeling comes back and the fat starts to go away. I can't thank VIVAA enough for taking such great care of me and making me feel comfortable at all times. I'm also going to start going there for my Laser Hair Removal needs. Suzanne said she would do it for me and make it go quick so that there's no pain! I will go back to take after pictures soon and if you'd like to see them you can ask then to show you in office. Every single person on their staff goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They're so accommodating and made sure that I was happy no matter what. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Michelle Phelps (Google)

I am 33 young, energetic and active guy. My second part in life began on Sep 16th. I start my story from the day it started.On Sep 16th, 2016, I was getting ready for work and noticed that my back upper hip is paining bit. I thought it might be something muscle pain, So I was not worried much. but instead of getting better day by day, got worsened. Two days later, I visited my physician. Physician told that it is muscle catch up so she prescribed muscle relaxant medicine. On Sep 21st, woke up with swelling leg, it was paining like hell. I could barely stand on my leg. I ran to emergency room for Ultra sound.After the ultrasound, I was taken back to room and waiting for the results. Some time later got a call from Dr. Ramandeep sidhu Vascular surgeion at VIVAA, Issaqua, WA and told me that I had massive blood clot in the vein from feet to belly button called DVT, I was surprised by hearing that result, Though I am an active and 33 years old guy with out any clot history in the family, how could it happened to me. Doctor told me that we need to do procedure and surgery to dissolve the blood clots. Few hours later, I was taken to surgery room for the procedure. During the procedure, catheter was inserted in the vein, through which an 24 hourinfusion TPA was initiated. Next day, I was again taken into surgery room for the surgery, they pulled some of the undissolved clotts from belly button to surgery they shifted me to in-patient room. Next day, Dr. Sidhu told me that I was diagnosed with MTS (May thurner syndrome) and they ballooned my compressed vein during surgery.I was shocked, I had never heard of May-Thurner syndrome. In fact, not many people have because it is a rare disorder.I felt little happy in my saddest story that Dr Sidhu diagnosed root cause in short span of time (I read too many stories in the internet that they was diagnosed months later) and suggested not to put a stent since I am young. Well, but the other side of the coin, If my vein is getting shrink-ed again, then I should take decision to put the stent.Dr. Sidhu is wonderful doctor and I thank him somuch.

swaraj raj (Google)

Love this place. Great service.

Shannon Lell (Google)

More Reviews

I'm an outpatient AV fistula (kidney failure) patient here with Dr. Sidhu. He had performed surgery on my arm twice and I feel very well taken care off by him and his wonderful staff. I try not to be late for my appointments because sometimes I do come in late due to long commute or slow mobility BUT they still manage to let me in the door without any verbal hassle. Overall I highly recommend this medical clinic to any kidney failure patients who are ready to get their dialysis in check.

P.A. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

The procedure went will the clinic has been wonderful they have done everything that's been asked of. I would recommend this clinic to anyone that had the same issue I had.

L.P. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Dr. Sidhu and his staff were very supportive as he diagnosed and surgically repaired my carotid artery. I felt his warmth and personal concern that comforted me throughout the process.

R.O (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I had a vein surgery with Dr. Sidhu. I am very satisfied and happy with the results. Happy with the office staff that makes the patients feel very welcome and comfortable and the doctor for his professionalism and personal follow-ups with the patients after their surgery.

Y.P. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I had a wonderful, but terrifying experience. I was in the hospital and had a procedure done on my right leg that left it without oxygen for several hours. Also leaving it in severe pain. Dr. Sidhu was called, and he told me that I needed emergency surgery and that I might lose my leg. He took charge of the situation, took me to surgery, and he saved it. I am forever grateful. Dr. Sidhu is a very professional and caring Doctor and I would recommend him to any friend or family. In fact, I still see him for ultrasounds on my leg. He is a wonderful Doctor and I thank him so much.

Mary Hopkins (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Dr. Sidhu has been great to work with. He is kind, professional and works quickly. I look forward to coming back for more Botox from Dr Sidhu soon!

S.G. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I had an inpatient surgery with Dr. Sidhu. He is very thorough and outstanding surgeon. I am very happy withe the outcome. I am able to walk and work without any restrictions. Very pleased with my results.

C.F. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I have been in several times to see Suzanne and she is great. My treatments are always pleasant and enjoyable. She has always made my appointments enjoyable, as if I were visiting with an old friend. The staff and Doctor are also all very personable and friendly. I plan on coming back for any other treatment needs that may come up in the future.

L.G. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Right in my neighborhood, Vivaa has been a great discovery for me!Suzanne has been so fabulous in taking care of me.Got what I needed and more. Highly recommend.

S.C. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Sidhu, his office and staff. I have been a patient for two years, having gone to see him for a a second opinion on my medical issue. He is the best informed Doctor that I have ever seen. He clearly explained my medical situation, options , the best option for me and why. I received medical advice that was clear, understandable and explained in detail. He answered all questions clearly and directly. He and his staff were professional in every way, and followed up when they said they would. More importantly my overwhelming sense was that he and his office cared for me as an individual and I was not just another patient number. I would continue to see Dr. Sidhu except that with his care, my medical issue is resolved.

R.C. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Great experience! Very nice people and answered all my questions. Have gone other places will keep coming back to this office????

L.M. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

I am very happy to have found this practice. Dr. Sidhu and his staff take great care of the patients and I felt like I was in goods hands during each procedure.

K.R (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Delightful staff, accommodating and friendly. The M.D. is excellent and I'd recommend him. Suzanne is the key to my return overall, she always makes me feel welcome.

C.Cuesta (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Dr. Sidhu is very nice and did an excellent job explaining everything to us. The staff at VIVAA was also welcoming and easy to work with.

A.S (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Dr.Sidhu is an excellent doctor. He is compassionate, patient in understanding symptoms, thorough in diagnosis, and provides excellent treatment. I am badly diabetic and hurt my toe when someone dropped luggage on my toe in airplane. Dr. Sidhu saved my toe by opening blocked arteries supplying blood to my toes. I could not have asked for a better doctor to treat my case.I highly recommend Dr.Sidhu to anyone including my own family memebers.

V.K (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

I had a fistula placed in my left arm for dialysis. The pre op visit was very informative, and professional. Dr Sidhu was able to explain the procedure in a manner which relieved my anxiety completely. The surgery was a breeze for me and every one involved was very accommodating. The post op visits have also been very informative, and professional. I have been very happy with all aspects of our interaction.

T.W. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I have 2 AV fistula performed by dr. Sidhu. He has been the best surgeon and I like the staff. Their attention to detail is excellent. Overall, I will continue to come to this place for my medical needs.

P.A. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Delighted to be Dr. Sidhu's patient. He is an exceptional surgeon. I had a surgery with him earlier this year and the legs feel great. Able to be active and enjoy more things with my family.

M.F. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Very professional and pleasant experience. I would highly recommend the doctor and staff.

L.B (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

What a fabulous caring Doctor. I wish he could be my main doctor but he is a vascular specialist. He did my vascular surgery this year and it hardly left a scar and I had no complications.

B.S. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I have been seeing good results with laser hair removal on my lower legs. This is my 8th treatment and I had good amount of hair on my legs. The technician is very professional and does a good job in making me comfortable. Appointments are managed with minimal wait time- so far I love the place.

N.B. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Very beautiful job on my lips, helpful staff. Very happy customer.

r.d (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

So friendly , answers all my questions.....reliefs all my anxiety :).

Barbara.S (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I am so thrilled with my cool sculpting results !!I have a new body and it's thanks to Suzanne and the wonderful staff at VIVAAThe procedures were not uncomfortable and no downtime I would highly recommend VIVAA for a new you!!

T.D. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

From the very first time I met Dr. Sidhu, I had confidence in him. He has a very pleasant way of explaining things to you. All of the surgeries he has performed on me have been very successful and I am able to function normally again. In my opinion, he is an excellent surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone.

M.G. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

the appointment process like was very easy and on the day of my appointment I was greeted by the office staff immediately. I was given some forms to fill out and it walks explained what the information would be used for. Shortly after turning in the forms I was taken into one of the examination rooms and waited only a couple of minutes before the Doctor came in. He discussed my previous ultrasound and my high blood pressure, with the recommendation to see my primary care physician for possible medication adjustment. He then had me schedule another ultrasound to see if an artery blockage was possibly responsible for the high blood pressure reading. I would recommend Dr. Sidhu's office to anyone in need of vascular care.

R.B. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I have been coming to VIVAA for the past 5 months and have been more than pleased with my results and their customer service. I have been receiving laser hair removal and IPL treatment and have had nothing but fantastic results. I highly recommend them for both treatments. I have had four IPL treatments and my skin has never looked so good!

Jessica.C (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

I can only speak in superlatives regarding this medical practice.Dr Sidhu as well as his entire staff are a rare find combining excellent patient care with a welcoming warmth rarely seen in today's health care system. I would (and do) enthusiastically recommend them to everyone!!

J.M. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Loved it! Came in not knowing much about my options. We talked about my areas of concern and Suzanne gave me some things to think about and made a plan for me. We did one area at a time. I just reviewed my progress pics and am very pleased!

S.B. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Wonderful experience with laser hair removal. The appointments are always an enjoyable experience. The procedure is explained in detail as well as what I should expect afterwards. Also, it is very easy to schedule appointments. Great staff!!!

L.P. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

I have had sclerotherapy and Botox by Dr. Sidhu. Very pleased by service, knowledge and professionalism.

C.F. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Dr. Sidhu is a wonderful physician, he takes the time to explain problems and procedures. I really wouldn't have anyone else perform my surgeries.A Doctor who remembers you, your problems and prior visits conversations, outstanding. Office staff are friendly and will work scheduling miracles for you.

M.B. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with the staff and treatments at Vivaa. From consultations to treatments and follow up, they've been excellent through and through. I've already recommended them to family and friends and would encourage anyone to go to them for any of their many treatment options. Professional and friendly and super knowledgeable. Love this place!

N.M. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Being sent to Dr. Sidhu came as quite a surprise and shock to us because we were unaware how seriously ill my husband was. His previous heart surgery was eight years ago. This time his cardiologist's said his condition was too "complicated" and they would like him to see a vascular surgeon.Of course we were frightened. The vascular surgeons receptionist, Anna was very calm and reassuring, as was his whole staff. Our appointment with Dr. Sidhu was actually a pleasure because he is a very self assured, caring individual who makes you relax and breath easier immediately. He welcomed our son and me, as well as my husband, explained the procedures my husband would need, drew us pictures, answered all our many questions and encouraged us to call if we came up with more.Hubby's surgery was so successful he was discharged after one night in the hospital and home cutting the grass the next day!

J.O. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I have visited Dr. Sidhu's office several times for different procedures aesthetic and vascular. Always wonderful staff, very professional doctor, spends a lot of time listening to patients needs and makes you involved in care. I will recommend this office to my family members and the ones who want to feel and look their best.

H.C. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I can not say enough good things about this office! The entire staff has been so welcoming, friendly and professional. Once I walked in the door and was so warmly greeted by Anna and Nicole- I knew that I was in the right place. . Dr Sidhu and Suzanne take the time to give you choices and options in a caring manner and I all 4 make you feel like part of a family. It's great to have them here in Issaquah with their terrific knowledge and skills. I totally recommend anyone looking for esthetic and vascular services to check out Vivaa- you will be SO happy with your results :)).

T.G. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Efficient high quality service.

S.A. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I had an exceptional experience and I am thrilled with the results. I would recommend this to any,one interested in a new a better you
Suzanne was very professional as was the rest of the staff
Five stars !,.

T.D. (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Quality, both in the office and in the room. I appreciate the kind and professional office help and the common sense and honest approach of the doctor.

R.M. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

I have the best experience in a patient Doctor relationship concerning my treatment. Right from the start the whole staff at the office made it easy to talk to and felt free to discuss what ever medical issues I have. My surgery went well and when I have concerns, I was told to stop by with no appointment for a follow up.Glad I met Dr Sidhu for the treatment I needed. Everything is going well.

Y.W. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

First time I visit this office I was in not great shape because of other dr (hospital )I went before but Dr Sidhu and staff was great they see me right away and everyone really friendly and helpful I will come back to Dr Sidhu anytime and tell to all my friend and family.

M.N. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

This is one of the best things I have done for myself. Suzanne is wonderful! Answers all of my questions, is professional and personable. The results are amazing. I highly recommend seeing her for laser hair removal.

Amanda.L (For Vein, Vascular & Aesthetic Associates)

Very knowledgeable and professional staff. Procedure was exactly as described. Highly recommend.

N.R. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Dr Sidhu did a stent for a abdominal aortic aneurism. Results were outstanding. Communication before and after the procedure were excellent. Staff was very caring and efficient. I unhesitatingly recommend Dr Sidhu for any vascular procedure you may require. The aneurism was right at the limit of where a stent was recommended and the pro and con risks were thoroughly explained.

M.S. (For Ramandeep Singh Sidhu)

Kind Words for Dr. Kaur from SolutionReach

Perfect diagnosis!! Dr.kaur always listens to the patient query, her diagnosis is appropriate and happy to have her as primary care! Apt medications to the cause.

Ujjwal M.

Dr. Kaur and her team are respectful and thorough. They keep me informed, answer questions promptly and call me promptly with test results. She is very thorough.

Darla W.

Dr. Kaur Is very kind and takes her time with her patients. She also makes sure you understand and always encourages me to asks questions... She knows my name and I am not just a number. This a wonderful Dr.and I would recommend her highly to anyone who is in need of a great primary physician.

Georgienne H.

Everyone in the office was courteous, introduced themselves and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Kaur was very friendly, asked me questions, shared important information and made me feel that she was concerned about my well being.

Darla W.

I trust Dr. Kaur 200%. Very caring and knowledgeable. I am so happy to have Dr. Kaur as my PCP. Also Anna and Behnoush are always so helpful. I am very lucky to have this team as my healthcare providers.

Bahador P.

Dr Kaur is accomodating, caring, easy to talk with, and has become my favorite Dr thus far in my life. I have been seeing her for over 6-8 years now, and refuse to go anywhere else. You leave her office feeling validated, heard, & respected.

Corina T.

always able to get me in when needed. Great staff and Dr Kaur is great !

Tony C.

I am very happy that I saw Dr. Kaur because good medicines Dr. Kaur prescribed for me, and medicine was very useful for my pain that I had a car accident. Thank you so much Dr. Kaur, Ali

Ali S.

It’s a pleasure to be Dr. Kaur’s Pt. It’s always nice to see Behnoush.

Bahador P.

Very professional and kind treatment from every body !

Cecilia H.

I love Dr. Kaur. She is brilliant and thorough and I kow she has my back when it comes to health issues!

Lisa D.

Friendly staff and Dr Kaur takes the time needed to make sure you are well taken care of

Vicky I.

Dr. Kaur is very approachable and spent plenty of time discussing my health history. I didn't feel rushed by Dr. Kaur or any of the office staff. I felt like they listened to me and were not trying to rush my appointment.

Melissa W.

Always efficient and accurate.

Robin M.

It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Kaur, Behnoush and Anna. Staff are fast to respond and you really feel they care about you as their patient.

Bahador P.

Dr kaur is very intellegnce and smart .Very nice staff

Roghieh D.

Vivva is a smaller practice so a patient feels important because they are remembered, not just another appointment the doctor has to see.

Corina T.

Dr Kaur is a great Dr. She listens to your problem and then solves it

Susan C.

Fast Service, carting doctor and assistants

Sue G.

Everyone was wonderful and caring!!

Behnoush R.

Dr Kaur is a kind and friendly person. I always feel very comfortable with her and her advice is appreciated. Her assistants are also very nice and professional.

Cecilia H.

Dr. Kaur is very caring person and listens to all queries of patient. I have been visiting her since last 4 years and I am very happy with her medication & advice.

Ujjwal M.

Dr. Navdeep is wonderful! Setting an appointment up was fast and easy. I felt very comfortable at the office and would recommend.

Brittany A S.

Dr. Kaur is a very caring doctor. She listens carefully to the patient and does her best to resolve the problem. In general staff are very professional at that office. It is always a pleasure to meet Dr. Kaur, Behnoush and Anna.

Bahador P.

Excellent! DR. Kaur is a very nice and kind Doctor.

Manjit K.

Very knowledgeable and professional. Excellent bedside manner!

Michael E.

You meet all rules of great support to patient.

Julia B.

very friendly and professional

Cecilia H.

Good service I love this place

Migual L.

Thank you for your professionalism and your genuine care in my health.

Sandra J.

I’m very happy with my doctor she is friendly and kind. She is prefect.

Nasrin M.

Dr. Kaur is a very knowledgeable doctor and I really appreciate the time she took to listen to our problems and helping us find a solution. I would totally recommend her to all my friends and family.

Nasrin M.

Great doctor and good atmosphere!

Amandeep D.

I love Dr Kaur. I followed her to her new practice as I did not want to change primary care doctor. I was diagnosed with a lung disease and she works with my pulmonolgist to assure I am receiving the best care. She takes the time with her patients, I never feel rushed. She has an awesome bedside manner and truly cares about her patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaur if you are looking for a new doctor.

Sherre H.

Excellent communication, ease of making appointments, no rush one on one visit with the physician with informative better health exchange. Thank you doctor Kaur.

Frank H.

Doctor car was very timely with me she answered my questions she listen to me which you never find a doctor that listens to you anymore she's kind understanding respectful and sympathetic to your needs although it's a 9 hour day for me I will always come there as long as she's there God bless you dr. Car thank you for all your help

Tonya L.

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