Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with Botox

Botox treatment is an ideal solution to remove ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment is widely performed as a part of the anti-ageing practices world-wide.

Do you know Botox is a brand name and the full name for Botox is botulinum toxin type A? It is really a neurotoxin created by the bacterium clostridium botulinum.

Does Botox Prevent Wrinkles?

Yes! Botox are highly purified toxins that can temporarily erase or reduce horizontal forehead lines, vertical frown lines, and crow's-feet. Botox can also lift the corners of the mouth that sag with age, smooth out the "pin cushion" look in some chins, soften smoker's lines around the mouth, and soften vertical neck cords.

Does Botox Have Side Effects?

Every drug has side effects, and Botox is no exception. In one to five percent of cases, there can be mild droopiness of the eyelid or eyebrow, which usually goes away within two weeks, and some patients experience slight bruising.

It will not affect the nerves that cause sensation, or make you feel numb. When it is used correctly, it can lift the brow to give an appealing and sincere look.

The impacts of a Botox treatment may keep going for around 4 to 6 months. After this time is over, the muscles begin contracting once again and the wrinkles and fine lines begin to show up again. Do you know Researchers are also studying whether Botox can treat social anxiety and bipolar disorder.

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