Some Positive Weight Loss Results

You have finally hit the jackpot! You have lost 10, 30 or more pounds. In yourself, you feel more confident; on top of the world. In fact, you even surpass your initial target. Your risk of getting chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension have dwindled.

In addition to feeling more confident and out of the world, there are other consequences that you have to live with. Most of which are positive but also some negative side effects. Well, in this post we will share the positives to encourage you to lose those pounds.


Common impacts of weight loss in your life

Better sleep

Losing weight decreases the risk of sleep apnea. This is a condition that is characterized by breathing disruptions causing one to wake up after a short sleep time. Overweight and obese people report having sleep apnea every now and then. Weight loss will see you sleep better since sleep apnea occurrence will be reduced. Also, weight loss is coupled with exercises which promote better sleep.

Fewer headaches

Obesity can increase the risk of migraines in your life. Even though obesity is not a cause of migraines it is a risk factor that can be addressed through healthy weight loss. Obesity increases the level of fat cells in your body which facilitates inflammation. Inflammation, on the other hand, triggers migraines at some point. Weight loss reduces fat in your body significantly, leading to a reduction in inflammation which also translates to fewer migraines.

Self-confidence sky-rockets

Weight loss can significantly enhance your self-esteem. This is because of how the world sees you and also how good you feel about yourself. Your friends and colleagues are more comfortable around you. Society is bound to be kinder to people who are not overweight, which can translate to an elevated self-esteem.


Dr. Navdeep Kaur
Dr. Navdeep Kaur

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