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Ready to Lose Your Tat?

We use the leading-edge PicoSure tattoo procedure to remove your tattoo better and faster, with no down-time. PicoSure delivers laser energy that specifically targets tattoo ink, resulting in the successful shattering of just the ink particles without harming the surrounding tissue on your skin.

PicoSure works for:

  • Multicolored tattoos, including blues and greens
  • Hard-to-remove black ink
  • Stubborn, previously treated tattoos
  • brown spots, sun damage, freckles, skin lesions or acne scars

Animation of PicoSure laser breaking down tattoo ink on the skin, allowing the
body to absorb and get rid of it harmlessly.

neck before tattoo removal

VIVAA Client BEFORE the Treatment

neck with tattoo removed

VIVAA Client Three Weeks AFTER 2nd Treatment

Testimonials from VIVAA’s Clients

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Ryan Penfield (Yelp)

I went in for my tattoo removal the other day and had the best experience! Considering this is typically a very painful and unpleasant treatment, Michele and Kaitlyn made my experience at Vivaa a great one. They made sure that I was very comfortable and provided me with some pre and post treatment instructions to ensure that I was prepared...I highly recommend Vivaa and I am actually looking forward to my next tattoo removal treatment!

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Christine H. (Yelp)

I recently had my first laser treatment at VIVAA…Suzanne was absolutely amazing and the facility is very clean and professional. She made me feel so comfortable and I'm already seeing results after the first treatment. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I highly recommend VIVAA!

happy lady for tattoo landing page
picture of tattoo ink under a microscope
4 ladies for tattoo landing page

All Skin Colors

The only laser treatment that can remove tattoos of all colors on skin ranging from pale white to darker skins types such as Hispanic, Asian and Black.

Natural Removal

PressureWave technology is used to deliver ultra-short pulses of specialized energy to the target area. These pulses are so rapid they cause a change in pressure that breaks ink apart into tiny dust-like particles. These particles are then absorbed by the lymphatic system, a critical part of your body’s immune system, and eliminated naturally.

Better Results

Treatments typically occur every 6-8 weeks and we will develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. According to PicoSure, patients and treatment providers have reported better clearance (disappearance) of tattoos with improved recovery time than with alternative treatments.

Highly Trained Professionals Working for You!

VIVAA doctors and staff are highly experienced and highly rated in their fields. Google reviews give VIVAA an overwhelming 5-Star rating from patients. You can trust VIVAA to treat you with compassion and clear communication.

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