What is it Like to Get Ultherapy Treatment?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical treatment that uses focused ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin. The process gives helps you maintain your face, neck and chest without the need for painful and invasive surgery. The ultherapy treatment is FDA-approved and doesn’t pose risks when done by a trained medical professional.

A Quick Trip to the Dermatologist

Before undertaking the procedure read our post on "Is Ultherapy Worth the Pain", then consult your dermatologist or ultherapy specialist. They will talk you through the process and address any concerns you could have. They will also help you figure out how best ultherapy will help you achieve your goals. The procedure can be performed in one quick appointment. The procedure does not need you to undertake any special skin treatments before the procedure. You might take over-the-counter painkillers beforehand to reduce any discomfort during the treatment.

Prepping the Treatment Area

When you show up for your appointment, your ultherapy practitioner will start off by cleaning your skin. After the skin is clean, your dermatologist will apply ultrasound gel to the treatment area. This will sum up the preparation process before the dermatologist places the treatment applicator over the treatment area.

They will then use a measured amount of ultrasound energy over the target area of the skin. The treatment normally lasts between thirty and ninety minutes depending on your requirements. Once the procedure is done, you can go back to your normal activities without any downtime.


Results of the ultherapy treatment vary depending on patient’s reaction to it. Some notice results immediately while others start to see huge changes several months after the procedure. This procedure is better than surgeries as you will not have to deal with the healing or swelling that comes with these invasive treatments. The results of ultherapy treatments are permanent but as you age and your skin ages, you will probably need touch-up treatments.





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